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Protect your roof and home with professional roofing services from Division Kangaroof. Our licensed and trained roofers are ready to help you with your roofing repair, replacement, installation, or structural support needs as quickly and efficiently as we can. Learn more about our services below.

Braselton Residents Trust Division Kangaroof Because:

  • We have 15+ years of industry experience.
  • We give upfront pricing you can trust.
  • We back our work and materials with a 5-year warranty.
  • We have licensed insurance adjusters to help with your insurance claim.

Basically, we have everything covered when it comes to your roofing service. All you need to do is get us on the phone and arrange a service schedule. We’ll do the rest!

Let’s discuss the details of your roofing repair job or installation project. Contact our Braselton roofers today.

Roof Repair

From small inconveniences to big projects, our roofers know that roofing repair often can’t wait for long. Minor leaks and shingle damage can turn into much bigger problems if neglected long enough. When you notice problems with your roof, don’t hesitate to call our roofing team for expert repair. 

Signs your roof is in need of repair:

  • Missing or damaged shingles.
  • The roof is leaking.
  • Can see light coming through the attic.
  • Water stains on the ceiling.
  • Sections of general wear and tear. 
  • Damage from storms or fallen objects.

For general or emergency roofing repair, call the experts at Division Kangaroof today.

Roof Replacement & Installation

Sometimes roofs are beyond repair and you may be better off replacing rather than trying to patch an ineffective roof. With the amount of weather Georgia roofing sees from year to year, you may need a replacement sooner than you think. Our qualified roofing specialists can let you know whether or not a shingle replacement will do the trick. If not, we can help you choose new materials for your roof replacement. 

You may need a new roof if you notice any of the following:

  • Multiple leaks around the house.
  • Structural concerns such as sagging or buckling.
  • Signs of decay, mold, or rot.
  • Shingle parts found in gutters.
  • Numerous missing shingles.
  • In constant need of repairs.
  • Large sections of damage from a storm or adverse event.

When choosing a new roof for your home, you may consider metal roofing, which can even be manufactured to look like shingles. For durability and aesthetic charm, talk to our experts today and find the right look for your home no matter the material.

Roof Maintenance

Slow the spread of wear and tear, protect your home, and extend the life of your roof with regular roofing maintenance. Instead of waiting for problems to occur, you can get ahead of repair needs by scheduling a maintenance inspection with one of our qualified roofers today. During a maintenance check, our roofers will:

  • Locate missing or damaged shingles.
  • Check the gutters for clogging.
  • Examine tree growth close to the roof.
  • Check for open seams and signs of leaks.
  • Test the overall integrity of the roof.

Learn what potential problems are threatening your roof and discover solutions for mitigation with the help of our team of experts.

Roof Inspection

When you need to file an insurance claim on your roof, a professional inspection from Division Kangaroof will help you discover what issues are present and how they can be fixed. Our professionals will perform an extensive and thorough examination of your roof and explain to you what we find so you can better negotiate with your insurance company over coverage. 

A roofing inspection can also be helpful if you have just moved into a new home and are unsure of the state of the roof, or if recent storms have caused you concern over your roof. For routine and emergency roof inspections, call the experts at Division Kangaroof today.

Other Support

Supporting structures such as gutters and flashing can have a big impact on the health of your roof. It is important to keep these structures in good shape to avoid expensive repairs on your roof. You can trust our experts to provide you with quality service on gutters, skylights, and siding to keep all aspects of your home’s exterior in top shape. For repair, replacement, or installation of these structures, call our team right away.

    We look forward to helping you improve or repair your roof. Call our Braselton roofers at 706.778.3516 at your first convenience.

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