Making a Choice Between Metal and Shingle Roofs

Sep 20, 2021 | Roofing

The two most popular types of roofing out there are shingles and metal roofing. These materials are both durable on the scale of decades, affordable, and stylish. Choosing between the two isn’t always easy, and there’s a lot to take into consideration, such as style, durability, and of course, cost.

Stylish Options for Any Home

It’s essential to keep in mind that both metal and shingles come in several different styles and finishes. 

Contractors can mold sheet metal panels into nearly any shape or design, with combinations of ridges and edges to match any home. For example, metal roofing comes in various colors and styles that can be fine-tuned to your unique style or exterior design goals. 

Common choices include red and green metal panels, but essentially anything goes. There are also a variety of metals to choose from, including steel and aluminum.

Shingles are a bit more set in stone in terms of style but can also come in various tones to suit your preference. Shingles can also come in multiple sizes that will give your roof a different appearance and pattern.

A Durable Roof Replacement

Having something nice to look at isn’t the main concern when it comes to choosing a roof material and style. First and foremost, your roof protects your home, so you want a strong, durable roof to protect your family and avoid the need for premature roof repair or replacement. Both metal and shingle roofs can last for decades when properly maintained.

In the long run, metal roofs are typically more durable. You don’t have to worry about issues like single shingles blowing away to leave potential openings for roof damage. Here in Alto, some metal roofs can last up to 70 years. That isn’t typical, but it does happen.

One issue is that metal roof panels dent somewhat easily, potentially leading to more aesthetic problems down the line from possible paint loss. What are some things that might dent your roof? Walking on it, falling branches, and even high-velocity or heavy precipitation, like hail. 

Weighing the Costs

A roof replacement is an expensive undertaking for any home, which plays a big factor in your decision. Metal roofing is generally more expensive than shingles. There is also typically a broader range in metal roofing, with many premium panels being very expensive.

When you consider that the metal roof is expected to last longer, it can be a good investment. Insurance companies sometimes even give discounted rates if you have a metal roof. However, the higher initial cost can be a hurdle for some people that can’t be overcome even if they believe it would be a good long-term investment.

Shingles can also vary in cost due to their longevity rating and style. You can get shingles that are rated to last for 25, 30, 40 or 50 years, but the longer-lasting ones are more expensive.

Installation and Repairs

Here in Cornelia, shingles are often a popular choice because of how easy they are to install. Many people handle their roofs themselves, even if that isn’t the most advisable decision. Metal roofing, on the other hand, requires more specialized skills to install.

The ongoing roof maintenance is another factor to consider. In general, shingle roof maintenance is easier to carry out than metal roofing. Damaged shingles can be replaced. It’s not so easy or so cheap to replace a damaged metal roofing panel.

Environmental Considerations

If you’re trying to maintain an eco-friendly home, metal roofing will likely be your best bet. Metal is a fully recyclable material, and most roofing panels will be made with mostly recycled metal. Asphalt shingles are derived from petroleum by-products and can’t be recycled.

This is becoming a more prominent factor, and many homeowners are considering it. Metal roofing is also more suitable for areas that need more cooling in the summer than heating in the winter. The panels are reflective and keep the home cooler than asphalt shingles.

Making the Right Choice for Your Roof

Of course, individual needs are going to play a significant part in any roofing decision. Your best option is to look for roofers near me for a thorough consultation and quote on your prospects.

Division Kangaroof installs and services all types of roofing here in Gainesville, including metal and shingle roofs. Our experienced roofers can help you better understand your options and how they will affect your home and budget. Reach out to us today to schedule your roof installation consultation.