How To Get Algae Off of My Roof

Oct 5, 2021 | Roofing

You look up at your roof and notice something strange. Your shingles appear to be stained or discolored. They may have black streaks or a green-blue hue. If you look closely, you may even notice a slimy, scaly, or fuzzy appearance. 

What’s going on? Unfortunately, you likely have an algae problem. More precisely, the issue could be blue-green algae. It might also be moss, even a fungus. This problem is unsightly and can cause shingle damage, as well.

What Does Roof Algae Look Like?

Roof algae are easiest to see on lighter-colored shingles. However, its appearance can vary. It may appear as dark streaks on your roof. These often look like stains or dirt that have accumulated. You might also notice a scaly lichen that forms on the shingles. Finally, there may even be a soft fuzzy moss that begins to grow.

Of course, many different things can cause your roof to be stained or discolored. The problem isn’t always roof algae. Still, you should have someone out to inspect your roof and clean it if you notice something. They can restore the appearance of your shingles and let you know what’s causing the issue.

What Causes Algae on a Home in Cornelia, GA?

To keep things simple, we’ll use “algae” to refer to any bio-matter growing on the shingles on the roof of your home. These algae need a damp environment to get established and grow. They also require a heat source and something to eat. 

Algae love a roof that tends to stay damp. The sun provides the heat, especially in Cornelia, where the weather trends warm. 

What do the algae eat? In many cases, they feed on your shingles. That’s right; the limestone filler that’s part of most shingles is the perfect feast for algae.

Any of the following can contribute to an environment for algae:

  • Branches hanging over the roof
  • Poor ventilation
  • Standing water
  • Clogged gutters
  • Porous or damaged shingles

Sometimes, you may notice algae on your roof even when you notice no other problems. 

No matter what the cause is, this problem needs to be resolved. Otherwise, a simple maintenance task can turn into a major roof repair.

Problems from Rooftop Algae

Algae or mold growth on your roof is doubly problematic. It can be the cause of structural damage to your roof. It can also be the result of an existing moisture problem. 

Algae can cause shingles to break down and can lead to wood damage and leaks. Further, a roof that grows algae likely needs some sort of repair that might include new roof vents, replacement shingles, and new roof decking. 

How to Get Rid of Rooftop Algae on Your Roof in Cornelia

One solution is to go with a complete roof replacement. That may seem extreme, but this is a problem often found on older roofs that have not been kept in good repair. 

If you do decide to have the algae removed, here is some advice:

Leave It to the Pros

It’s already hazardous to climb up on a roof, especially if you don’t have the proper safety equipment. Now, you’re dealing with a roof that has moss or algae on it. That can create slippery conditions. Also, there could be wood rot making the roof hazardous to walk on.

Ask for a Full Roof Inspection

You will want someone to do more than just clean off the algae. The roofing that cleans your roof should look for ventilation issues in your attic, rot, and anything else that could be causing a moisture issue. When you have this issue, it’s important to determine whether there is any damage to the shingles or the plywood beneath them.

Get a Detailed Description of Any Work Done

Ask the person doing the work exactly what they plan on doing. Algae removal usually involves spraying the roof down with a special cleaner that will kill the algae without damaging the shingles. 

However, they may also have to trim back tree branches, clean your gutters, remove debris, or install vents to prevent the issue from happening again. Occasionally, they may even have to replace shingles that are too severely damaged.

Call for Algae Removal Today

You’ve found the roofer near me that can fix your algae problem quickly and permanently. We’ll also inspect your roof and fix the issues that caused mold or algae growth in the first place. Contact Division Kangaroof to set an appointment for algae removal services.