What You Need to Know About Roof Inspections

Aug 3, 2021 | Roofing

Roof inspections are a quick and convenient way for homeowners and businesses to identify problem areas. There are many points over a roof’s lifetime where it could benefit from roof inspections, such as:

  • Before buying or selling
  • After major storms
  • When minor leaks appear
  • For annual preventative inspections

Putting roof inspections off isn’t going to save you time or money. In fact, procrastination is going to end up costing even more in the long run. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits that come with inspections from a professional roofer like Division Kangaroof.

What Roof Inspections Cover

With almost double the U.S. average precipitation, Cornelia , GA, isn’t the place to put off necessary roof maintenance. A comprehensive roof inspection will cover a variety of areas to ensure every possibility is planned for. Of course, they cover the basics like leaks and missing shingles, but they go much deeper than that.

Professionals will be able to identify problems that homeowners can’t. They’ll be able to find any issues with the initial installation, along with damage to fixtures like vents and chimneys. Mold checks are another critical point, preventing much more damage later on. During every inspection, our professionals will go over a complete list of any possible problems.

Critical Components of Roofing Inspections

These jobs aren’t as simple as taking a quick look for missing shingles. Any comprehensive inspection will cover three main areas: Structure, interior, and materials. The structural review covers problems like sagging caused by rot and the integrity of vents and other fixtures.

Interior inspections involve taking a look from the inside. In the attic, the roofer looks for telltale signs of leaks, like stains and mold. These signs aren’t easy to find from the outside. Finally, we check your roof’s materials to evaluate the current condition of your shingle or tiles, any caulking, and any flashing. During this part, we also monitor for rust and moss buildup.

Roof Inspections When Buying or Selling

During a sale, a house will undergo a home inspection that covers a variety of different areas. The foundation’s structure, plumbing, and electrical systems are all looked over for any issues before the sale. A roof inspection is another crucial part of this process, and you want a professional roofer doing the job.

All-service inspectors might not be able to identify subtle flaws during a complete home inspection. Many roofing issues are hard to pick up because they aren’t visible under the shingles. A professional roofer’s trained eye and techniques can pick out the hidden flaws that could mean roof replacement a few years down the line.

Annual Roof Inspections

The whole point of the roof inspection is to find problems with your roof before they get worse. If you find a leak before the big storm, you can prevent water damage by calling Division Kangaroof. Replacing missing shingles can keep the rest of your roof from tearing apart in the wind. To find minor problems before they become major ones, schedule an inspection once every year.

Annual roof inspections sound like an expense, but it’s really a way to save money. When damage is neglected, it will get worse, and consequently, your roof repair bill will rack up incredibly fast. Simple leak fixes are inexpensive and quick but replacing a section of the roof because moisture has led to mold is going to cost you. For both homeowners and businesses, annual inspections are the way to go.

Choosing a Roofer Near Me

Now that you understand the importance of roof inspections, you need to find the right roofer for the job. There are a few simple boxes you want to check off. Always go with a real professional for this kind of work, ideally with years of experience in your area. A business with a local reputation will work hard to get the job done right every time.

While it isn’t going to impact the inspection directly, you should choose a roofer that offers warranties on their work. Guarantees are a sure sign that you’re working with real professionals. Finding a roofer with ample experience handling insurance claims is a good sign, too, and will make managing any problems encountered during the inspection that much easier.

The Additional Benefits of Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections will have you feeling more confident in your roof, giving you something over your head that you can rely on. Peace of mind itself is well worth getting the inspection.

Having a recent inspection will also make any insurance claims due to storms or accidents easier to process. Proof that your roof was in good condition before the accident will get you the most from your claim.

Whether you’re looking for peace of mind or saving some money over time, Division Kangaroof provides quality roof inspections in Cornelia, GA, and the surrounding areas. For professional service from licensed and insured inspectors, contact us today.