Why Professional Roof Installation Is an Absolute Must-Have for Your Home

Jan 12, 2022 | Roofing

Replacing your roof will be one of the most significant projects that most homeowners here in Cornelia, GA, can expect to deal with. Ideally, it only happens every few decades. With such a big job, it’s essential to make sure your roof installation is done right.

That comes down to getting the right local roofing contractor for the job. This installation is one area you can’t afford to let amateurs handle. When making your choice, you need to consider the many reasons that professional roof installation is absolutely essential.

Get the Full Life Out of Your Roof

Depending on the specific type of roofing system you go with, there will be a set number of years that you can generally expect it to last. Of course, maintenance and upkeep play a part, and there can always be unexpected disasters, but the most important factor in your roof’s lifespan is going to be the roof installation.

If you’re worried about the cost of professional roof installation, consider how much it’s going to cost if you have to replace your roof after just half of its expected life. Reliable installations protect your roof from damage from water, storms, pests, and more. These threats will take hold wherever they can and can quickly spread if they manage to do so.

Leaks are the most common side effect of a poor roof replacement. Misaligned shingles, poor sealing, and other issues let water penetrate your roof. Considering your roof is supposed to last for decades, even minor leaks can cause serious water damage over time. 

You could find yourself paying for another roof replacement a decade or more ahead of time.

Keep Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

Quality roofing products typically come with warranties that will cover a decent portion of your roof’s life. This warranty could save you a lot of money on repairs later on if something does go wrong. However, most of these manufacturers will require that you have a professional roof installation if they’re to honor that warranty.

An inspection will be required before you can successfully claim your warranty. If this inspection reveals shoddy work, they’re going to know that you went with amateur installation. You’ll be left paying for repairs out of pocket, and you can probably expect to need more repairs than if you had gone with professionals in the first place.

Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

A professional roof installation is also going to take into account the importance of proper roof ventilation. Without properly placed and effective vents, you’re going to run into several issues. While the primary concern is the potential for water damage, you’re also going to find yourself paying more every month on your utility bills.

Without effective ventilation, your attic is going to heat up too much in the summer. Even with insulation, you’re going to be wasting more energy cooling your home than you would have otherwise.

Your attic insulation itself is at serious risk of becoming damaged and useless if you don’t go with professional installation from a local roofing company

Water from leaks and condensation can degrade the insulation, meaning both your cooling and heating systems are going to have to use that much more energy to regulate your home’s temperature.

The Dangers of Amateur Roof Installation

When you search the internet for “roofers near me” who aren’t qualified for the job, you’re going to receive work that shows their lack of qualification. They might use shortcuts to save time, shortcuts that reduce the longevity and durability of your roof.

Improper nailing is one of the most common signs that your roof hasn’t been properly installed. It leads to your shingles having a less effective hold on your roof. They’ll lift over time, letting powerful winds pick them up whenever the next storm comes through. 

Even a few damaged shingles will leave gaps for more shingles to lift and become damaged.

Professional roofers also ensure that your roof is being installed in the right conditions. Weather isn’t just an inconvenience for roofers. It affects the quality of your roof. Excessive rain during an installation can permanently damage the roof, so professional roofers plan ahead and put the longevity of your roof above their schedule.

Professional Roof Installation in Cornelia, GA

Division KangaRoof is the local roofing contractor to go with when you need a roof that you can count on here in Cornelia, Gainesville, and Alto, GA. We’ve been at it for over 15 years, so we know what it takes. Reach out to our team today to get a free estimate on a professional roof installation.