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Homes with plenty of natural light are appealing and inviting. A skylight allows more natural light into any home or space, and a properly installed skylight can reduce your monthly energy bills. If you are interested in adding a skylight, call the pros at Division Kangaroof. We offer professional skylight installation and repair service. Choosing the right skylight for your home is the first step. You must consider the design of your roof, preferences for letting in light and fresh air, and your budget. Our team will provide estimates for any new skylight installation and thoroughly explain your options. We understand you will have questions, and take the time to answer all questions first! Contact us today to get all the information you need to select the right skylight for your home.

Expert Skylight Installation Services

Skylights are an excellent way to illuminate rooms and hallways for modern homes, but the skylight installation process can be complex. Our team of experienced roofers can evaluate your existing roof or attic space to recommend the best skylight for your home. Our custom-made skylights create a true sense of space and quality! The two main categories of skylights are domes, which resemble the shape of a round cupola on your roof, and flat skylights, which are installed in the shape of a rectangle either vertically or horizontally. In addition to the best quality skylights, we use the best installation methods and latest technology to ensure that your new skylight brings in the light but never rains. We have extensive experience in roofing and construction to ensure high-quality and leak-free installation. A warranty will cover your new skylight for your peace of mind.

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Why Should You Install Skylights?

Modern homes benefit greatly from the illumination provided by skylights, but installing them can be difficult. Our team of knowledgeable roofers can assess your home's current roof or attic space to provide the best skylight recommendation. With economical installation, our specially made skylights give a room a true sense of space and quality. The two primary types of skylights are flat skylights, which are installed in the shape of a rectangle either vertically or horizontally, and domes, which approximate the shape of a spherical cupola on your roof. To ensure that your new skylight lets in light but never rains, we employ the best installation techniques and most recent technologies in addition to the highest quality skylights. We can guarantee a high-quality and leak-free installation because of our significant roofing and building knowledge. For your peace of mind, a warranty will cover your new skylight.

The Perfect Skylight for Any Room

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Skylights are an effective and relatively easy way to bring more light into your home. The advanced designs of modern skylights make weather damage and leak a thing of the past. Our skylight installation experts offer a variety of high-quality products from leading manufacturers to provide the perfect skylight for any home! The most commonly used skylights include:

  • Fixed skylights
  • Fresh air skylights that open for ventilation
  • Roof windows
  • Curb-mounted skylights
  • Deck-mounted skylights


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