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Division Kangaroof is an experienced roofing contractor that protects homes in Toccoa by providing the best roofing services in the area. We are locally owned and are licensed and insured, giving you the confidence in our workmanship that you deserve. Whether you need a repair or a replacement, our team is here to serve you.

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Services in Toccoa, GA

Our comprehensive roofing services mean that if you have a roofing need, we have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. We do everything from roof inspections to roof replacement and our aim is to help you make decisions that are affordable and beneficial in the long-term. Here are a few of the roofing services that we offer in the Toccoa region.

Roof Inspection

One of our commitments to our customers is to never upsell them or recommend something for their home that is not necessary. A roof inspection is a crucial part of finding exactly what repairs or replacements are needed. Many companies recommend roof replacements more often than is necessary, but we recognize that a simple repair is often enough to restore your roof to excellent condition.

Roof inspections can help to prevent small problems from becoming a potential roof replacement in the future. Our team will look for missing shingles, warped shingles, excess moisture, and other damage on the roof. A free Toccoa roof inspection can be the difference between a small preventative repair and a major installation, so don’t procrastinate on this important service!

Roof Maintenance

In addition to inspections, the other important preventative service that we offer is roof maintenance. Just like any other part of the home, the roof needs regular maintenance to keep it from deteriorating in the extreme conditions that it is exposed to every day. With days full of both rain and sunshine in Toccoa, homeowners should make roof maintenance a permanent part of their yearly expenses to help save money long-term.

During a maintenance appointment, the roofing expert may trim branches that are close to your roof, search for and repair any leaks, clean gutters, fix seams, and replace broken or missing tiles. They will check the roof as a whole and make sure it is still in good condition and not in need of replacement. Roof maintenance can significantly increase the lifespan of your roof, and prevent emergencies. 

Roof Repair

We will never sell you a new roof when a simple repair will do the trick. A roof can become damaged in any number of circumstances and our goal is to be there for you when this happens. Storms are responsible for a large number of roof repairs in the Toccoa area, as well as the simple deteriorating effects of time.

If you notice signs of a leak such as stains on the ceiling or walls or dripping in the attic after a rainstorm, it is time for an inspection. Usually, a small leak can be repaired without replacing the entire roof. However, if there are leaks in multiple locations, this may be a sign that a replacement is needed soon.

If you have a shingle roof, a missing or damaged shingle will need to be repaired to maintain the integrity of the roof. You should also check your gutters for the sandy remains of shingles which can indicate that a repair is needed. Finally, if you notice that your home seems to be having a hard time maintaining an ideal indoor temperature, it may be due to a poorly insulated roof. At Division Kangaroof, we can take care of all of these problems while listening to your concerns and answering your questions.

Roof Installation or Replacement

Even if you have had yearly inspections and maintenance appointments and have dutifully repaired small problems as they have occurred, the time will come for a replacement. There are certain situations that will require a replacement rather than a repair, so homeowners should frequently inspect their roofs for any of these signs.

When a roof is in need of replacement, it may show signs of buckling. The roof will have a dimpled appearance, and the shingles will begin to fold in on themselves. Buckling can simply be a sign of old age, but it can happen relatively quickly after a poorly done installation. It is important to find a reputable company that will take the time to do your installation right the first time in order to prevent premature deterioration. At Division Kangaroof, we offer a 5-year warranty that ensures a quality installation.

A roof that has a significant amount of decay will also be in need of replacement. Moisture can become trapped in the roofing mat over time, causing the shingles to break down. An inspection with Division Kangaroof can help to determine if decay and rot have occurred in your roof. If our professional roofers determine with you that your roof is in need of replacement, you will need to choose which material to use on your new roof. We can help you sort through the pros and cons and decide on the right option for your home.

Shingle Roofs

A properly installed shingle roof is a thing of beauty, and we take pride in our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and concern for our customers’ safety and wellbeing. A shingle roof is a more traditional option, and it is still a reliable choice, even in climates with high temperatures, humidity, and frequent storms such as Toccoa. Many homeowners choose this option because of its affordability. With correct installation, shingle roofs can last up to 20 years in Georgia’s climate.

Metal Roofs

The upfront cost of materials and labor for the installation of a metal roof is generally more expensive than a shingle roof. However, this is not a reason to immediately dismiss them. There are many benefits to choosing a metal roof which, when put together, may make a metal roof the obvious choice for you. While shingle roofs have a lifespan of 15-20 years, metal roofs can last between 40 and 70 years.

Additionally, a properly installed metal roof is virtually immune from leaks, so you will likely never have to address this problem during the lifespan of your roof. Repairs are rarely needed, and usually, just involve tightening a few screws. A metal roof can help save money in other areas as well. They can make your home more energy-efficient, and they can improve the resell price of your home if you ever decide to sell.

There are many different types of metal roofs to choose from, depending on the style you want. You can choose metal tiles, standing seam metal roofing, corrugated metals roofs, copper roofing, steel roofing, and more. Talking to one of our roofers can be helpful when narrowing down the type of roof that you want.

Gutter Services

Your gutters are an important part of protecting your home and landscaping from the weather. Water that falls onto the roof needs to be directed away from your roof, the foundation of your home, and any plants or landscaping that is below. Not maintaining your gutters can lead to leaks, damage to the foundation, and damage to your lawn or garden.

Prevention is the best way to keep your gutters working properly. Frequent cleaning can keep your gutters in good condition for years, and you likely won’t have to replace them until you replace your roof. If needed, we also offer gutter repair and replacement for homes in the Toccoa area.

Skylight Installation

A skylight can make the room feel twice as big, and it can be a great way to add natural light to your home and give you more access to fresh air. Installing a skylight can greatly improve the energy-efficiency of your home by reducing the need for lights to be on in your home during the day. There are many different skylights to choose from, so talking to one of our installation professionals can be helpful as you decide which is best for you.

The roof of your home is essential for providing protection from the elements. It is important to get the help of a roofing company that takes pride in the quality of work that they do at each job. 

If an insurance claim is needed then we can help file a claim with your insurance company and make sure they take care of all that is needed to repair your home correctly.

We have insurance adjusters licensed in Georgia on staff that knows exactly what needs to be paid for by the insurance companies to make sure you get everything covered by the insurance company.

At Division Kangaroof we care about our customers and our reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the area. If you need help with your roof, siding, gutters, or skylights, contact us today.

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