Emergency Roof Tarping Services In Gainesville, GA

It doesn't take long for a roof to go from good to bad if exposed to certain elements.

Depending on certain weather conditions in Gainesville, homes with damaged roofs have a significantly higher decay rate, resulting in mold and mildew growth. This can affect the home's structural integrity and lead to warping and premature failure.

Tarping can be used in two ways: either to temporarily preserve an existing roofing system or as a stop-gap measure while permanent repairs are being made. Either way, it's a safe and effective method for preventing severe water damage — especially if sheets of polyethylene tarping are rated to withstand high-intensity weather.

Best Roofing Company For Roof Tarping In Gainesville, GA

When a natural disaster strikes, you don't have time to waste. You need help immediately to ensure your home is secure and protected from further damage. That's where we come in: our team at Division Kangaroof can get repairs started right away. We'll ensure that your foundation, roof, and any other parts of your home that a storm or fire has damaged are covered in tarps before conditions worsen. We always arrive on time, perform high-quality work, and educate our clients. Our team is polite, hassle-free, and honest — so you get the job done fast, and you understand it completely.

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Essential Things To Consider When Tarping A Roof

  • You should not walk on a tarp. A tarped roof is exceptionally slick, especially when wet.
  • Watch your step — tarped-over skylights and other apertures will be invisible to anybody walking on the roof.
  • It is never a good idea to put up a tarp during a storm if it is windy or pouring.
  • Keep an eye out for tripping risks such as vent stacks, satellite dishes, lightning arresting components, and cables and cleats holding the tarp.
  • Avoid climbing onto the roof whenever possible.
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