Metal Roofing In Georgia

Some people shy away from choosing a metal roof because they think the cost is too prohibitive.

This can be true; however, it still may be the best option for you. Yes, you may initially pay more for a metal roof than a traditional shingle roof. However, metal roofs save you more over the long haul. If you decide that a metal roof is right for you, there is no company to trust more than Division Kangaroof. With over 15 years of experience, you can rest assured that you will receive the metal roofing service you deserve.

Benefits Of Metal Roofing Contractor

Installing a metal roof will pay for itself in several ways, including negligible maintenance and repair costs. Once in a while, a "re-screw" might be needed, but even that is unusual. This makes choosing a metal roof for your home a no-brainer if you can afford the initial higher cost.

Other advantages include:

Longevity – Some come with a 50-year warranty on materials and labor, making them a "set it and forget it" situation. At the same time, a typical residential asphalt shingle roof has a far shorter warranty – in some cases, just 15 years. You'll have a roof that will far out-perform a shingle roof.

Energy-Efficient – A metal roof can significantly decrease your power bill during a southern summer's long, hot months! This is because they have built-in sun-reflective properties. Electric bills are one of the most significant expenses in maintaining our homes, and you can't discount the savings over time.

Weather Resistant – You'll never have to worry about a leaking roof when you choose metal. Most costly repairs have to do with water getting in where it doesn't belong. This can lead to unseen structural damage to your home, and by the time it's detected, it's a bigger problem than just a leak.

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Choosing A Metal Roof Is The Smart Choice!

Metal roofs can be beautiful! The colors and styles are so varied that you'll be sure to find the perfect look for your home, and you may even end up being the envy of the neighborhood. Metal roofs don't just look like the top of an industrial warehouse. They're stylish, sophisticated, and highly desirable.

Be aware that even the best choices in metal roofing materials aren't the end of the story. A professional roofing contractor must install your metal roofing system properly, so please call Division Kangaroof and let us guide you with our years of experience, expertise, and honest service.

Types Of Metal Roof Options

  • Copper roofing: Beautiful, long-lasting, durable, and completely recyclable, copper roofs have been used for centuries. They can last up to 200 years when properly maintained and are extremely quiet due to their softer nature.
  • Aluminum roofs: Extremely resistant to corrosion from humidity and moisture, aluminum roofs are extraordinarily durable. It's also one of the most robust roofing materials regarding strength to weight ratio.
  • Corrugated metal roofs: The quintessential metal roof, corrugated metal roofs are durable, lightweight, and far more affordable than you may have ever thought!
  • Metal tile roofs: Do you want a metal roof but don't want to sacrifice the distinctive look you get from clay or concrete tile roofs? Metal tile roofs offer you the best of both worlds: the distinctive design of your stone or clay material with the durability and strength of the metal.
  • Standing seam metal roofs: They are quickly becoming a popular roofing choice due to their lightweight, durable, and sleek designs. These roofs are easily distinguishable by long, standing seams that run from the gutters to the apex of every roof plane.
  • Steel roofs: Made from iron blended with carbon and other elements, steel has long been one of the most durable roofing materials money can buy. Steel is also one of the most eco-friendly roofing options, as steel is the most recycled material.


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