Flat Roof Installation In Gainesville, GA

Do you want to purchase a flat roof, or are you looking to get a quote? You can choose from many flat roofs, modified bitumen and metal Roofs. All you have to do is contact a professional who can properly recommend the right material for your project and skillfully install it with the help of advanced equipment.

Division Kangaroof has been installing roofs throughout Habersham County for almost a decade. With our experienced team of roofers and state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee that every roof we install will be just as beautiful and long-lasting as the day it was installed. We take pride in our work and customers' complete satisfaction with their new roof.

Flat Roofs We Install

Metal Roofs : There's no doubt that a metal roof initially costs more than a traditional shingle roof. But the truth is, it's worth the money you'll save through increased energy efficiency and durability. Metal roofs are made to last — on average, 30 years longer than asphalt shingles. Your investment will pay for itself in time.

Modified Bitumen: This flat roofing material is popular because it's less messy to apply than built-up roofing and requires fewer layers for complete waterproofing.

Roof Coating: The roof coating process involves spraying a liquid membrane on top of your existing roof, which dries to form a flexible protective barrier. This barrier protects your home from water, wind, ice, and snow that could damage your home in the winter.

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We offer professional roof inspection and installation services

Division Kangaroof is committed to providing a top-tier customer experience — from the moment we start the project.

Our team helps you make decisions by offering information about various materials and warranty-related issues. Moreover, we let you know about the maintenance needed for your roof based on its material and related weather conditions.

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