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Donna C. Trotter Avatar
Donna C. Trotter
Excellent workmanship in a timely manner.
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Fred W Wendt Avatar
Fred W Wendt
Honesty, accepting proffered discount and promptness of work.
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Laurie Foley Avatar
Laurie Foley
We had a minor roof problem that got bigger during the rain in the summer. Kangaroo did a great job in trying to get us taken care of between the rain drops.
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Linda N Buddy Phillips Avatar
Linda N Buddy Phillips
Great company. Did a great job on our roof
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Robert Benton Avatar
Robert Benton
Excellent company. Install metal roof in a timely manner. Work went very smooth even with a rain delay. Everyone knew their their job and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them. Clean up was perfect. They took the worry out of replacing our roof.
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Jeff Kimbrell Avatar
Jeff Kimbrell
Steward and his guys did our house it looks so much better , Steward made sure everyday the mess was cleaned up and when the Job was done it looked great ! Would use Division Roof again highly recommend .
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LastGood Username Avatar
LastGood Username
On this page I have asked for recommendations on a roofer, had some suggestions, but they were having issues fixing a leak around my front door. They didn’t have issues with getting paid and taking my money, but fixing the issue. One was a no-show, even after telling me that they were coming next morning. 2nd tried twice and when it still leaked they wouldn’t return my calls. Third tried twice and then told me to call someone else that wouldn’t even return a call. Then I called Division Kangaroof, they came out looked at it, gave me an estimate and put me on the schedule. They came out a couple of days early because of an opening and fixed it by late lunch. We had about 4 inches of rain last night and my foyer is dry, no buckets, mopping, or towels getting rid of the water. I can’t thank them enough for quality work, that was done in a timely manner as well as a decent price. This is who I will recommend and use from now on.
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Richard Sowash Avatar
Richard Sowash
They did a fantastic job on our roof siding and interior work.
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Evil Havok Avatar
Evil Havok
The guys at Kangaroof were very easy to work with from the sales process with options for financing to the one day replacement of our roof. Great clean up also.
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Cory Brownlee Avatar
Cory Brownlee
Keith was very down to earth and really helped us out in a pinch. I called him, and he came out just an hour later and had the crew there putting the roof on that afternoon. They had the roof finished the same day I called and helped me beat the rain! I really appreciated working with Keith and his team. Thanks again, guys!
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Craig Taylor Avatar
Craig Taylor
The guys at Kangaroof were very professional and did an awesome job on my gutter installation yesterday. Two years ago Kangaroof replaced our entire roof and it was a great experience. They were very prompt and the job was completed over a couple of days. Kangaroof is the only company that I will use for roofing and repairs.
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Lacey Bowcock Avatar
Lacey Bowcock
I was amazed by the Kangaroof crew. They tore off our old roof and replaced it in one day! Excellent customer service and fair prices. Our new roof looks fantastic.
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junkman vape Avatar
junkman vape
Sweet nice local guys, free estimate
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Barbara Hughes Avatar
Barbara Hughes
After noticing water was getting inside my kitchen wall, I called Keith Miller at Kangaroof. We set up an appointment and he came to my home and inspected the roof. There was hail and wind damage throughout the roof including the area that was allowing the water to get inside the wall.We discussed repairing several areas on the roof vs. replacing it. My roof was 21 years old and we decided the best course of action would be to go ahead and replace it.The new roof was installed quickly and I am very happy with the results! This is a very professional team. Keith will take his time and he will answer any questions you may have. I would gladly recommend Keith and his team to anyone who needs roof repair or replacement.
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Fred Wendt Avatar
Fred Wendt
Keith and his crew worked quickly and resolved my roofing problems
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Angie Avatar
They did a fabulous job. Stuart is a great roofer and very nice and personable. Keith and Darwin are very professional and their pricing was very reasonable. I will always recommend them and would always use them again if needed. I have a very steep metal roof with a lot of pitches and I’m extremely happy!! 😊
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m massey Avatar
m massey
Expert in the business. Great clean up after the job.No problems or worries! Great job!!
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Garey Simmons Avatar
Garey Simmons
A really good guy, don't hesitate to contact Keith for anything to do with your roof!
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Bob F. Avatar
Bob F.
Fair price, professional & friendly, satisfactory clean-up. Would recommend to others.
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Audrey Brown Avatar
Audrey Brown
Great job helped us out with insurance.Highly recommend for roofing . Great people to work with
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Jon Muranko Avatar
Jon Muranko
Kangaroof is a top notch roofing company and the owner Keith is a great guy.
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Steve Williams Avatar
Steve Williams
Prompt, professional, reasonably price. Worked well with the insurance company that I have for my rental house. Was able to put a tarp on top of the roof until the repair could be done. Very pleased.
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Glenda Muranko Avatar
Glenda Muranko
Keith and the team do great work in Gainesville Georgia. It is an excellent roofing company.
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Jaimie Pando Avatar
Jaimie Pando
We needed roof repairs on our home and Keith and his crew was very quick to respond and did a great job. I was impressed with the professionalism of the entire project.
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John Spier Avatar
John Spier
I put off getting work done on my roof because I thought it was going to be expensive and time consuming. My neighbor recommended that I give Division Kangaroof a call. The owner Keith came out and gave me a price that was very reasonable. His crew did a great job on my roof replacement and it did not take long. I am glad I made the decision to get this done.
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Joe Davis Avatar
Joe Davis
We thought we had a minor leak but when Division Kangeroof did an inspection they showed us we had a major problem. Keith and his crew did a great job of resolving the problem before it affect other areas of our home. I would recommend them for any roof repair or replacement.
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