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Did you know that raising the value of your home can be as easy as replacing the siding?

It's true! Siding can be an effective way to improve the appearance of your property, giving it a new look without having to spend a considerable amount of money. There are several siding options available. Some popular choices on the market include wood, aluminum, cement fiber, and vinyl.

There are some different types of siding that are no longer on the market due to health risks associated with materials used in the past. Safety is always a priority for our team at Division Kangaroof! If you have an older home built in the 1970s or earlier, call us today to ensure your siding is up to code and made from modern and safe materials.


Siding is often the first thing someone will notice about your home. When you are considering new siding, be sure to choose the siding that best fits your lifestyle and maintenance abilities. One of our local team members will be happy to review the many types of siding available and help you make the right choice for your home.

Division Kangaroof is the leading siding contractor in Georgia. We offer flexible installation plans and have been serving all of Habersham County, Georgia, for years. Just call our friendly customer support team at (706)-778-3516, or fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Different Siding Options For Your Home

WOOD SIDING: This is by far the oldest siding material and is often considered one of the most aesthetically pleasing options. However, it does require some upkeep, as any wood does. Some types of maintenance include dealing with pest control, painting from time to time, and caulking. The benefit is that it is very cost-effective. If you properly care for wood siding, it will increase the value and charm of your home for years to come.

ALUMINUM SIDING: Aluminum does not need much maintenance or upkeep, making it a popular choice today. It's easy to install and comes in all colors and sizes. It is also an excellent choice to install on top of old wood siding to bring a fresh look to your home without needing to remove the old siding.

VINYL SIDING: Vinyl requires perhaps the least amount of maintenance and is a great value. It looks like shingles and comes in horizontal and vertical sheets. Vinyl siding is also available in almost any color! The downside is that vinyl breaks and cracks over time; if this happens, you will need to replace the damaged section. It can also be used to cover old wood siding.

CEMENT FIBER SIDING: Cement fiber has become the modern siding of choice and is a smart option. It's easy to maintain, looks great, and is made from recycled material, so you will be satisfied knowing you're helping the environment. Cement fiber siding can cost a little more, but it looks great and does not come with the same rot or weather damage risks as some other siding materials. You will have to do nearly nothing to maintain cement fiber siding, making it an excellent long-term investment.


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