The 6 Most Popular Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingle Options

Posted on October 31, 2023

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The 6 Most Popular Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingle Options

While your roof is equipped to protect your home from several conditions including harsh weather, unpredictable and serious storms can still take a toll. Storms can bring damage in various forms, such as punctures due to hail. While you cannot predict when the next hail storm will hit Georgia, you can prepare your roof for the potential impact. 

Today, we will talk about upgrading your roof for the upcoming storm season. We will list the six best Class 4 impact-resistant shingles that can give your roof and your home the extra protection it requires. But first, let’s go over what impact-resistant shingles are. 

What Are Class 4 Shingles? 

Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the U.S. thanks to their affordable price and wide availability. However, asphalt shingles can falter when it comes to facing harsh weather conditions. This is where Class 4 shingles come in. 

Class 4 impact-resistant shingles are a type of asphalt shingle that are designed to withstand hail and other impacts better than standard roofing shingles. These shingles are tested and rated for their ability to resist damage from hail and falling debris.

How Are Class 4 Impact-Resistant Shingles Tested? 

The testing process of impact-resistant shingles involves dropping steel balls from a specific height, usually 20 feet, to simulate the impact of hailstones. Class 4 is the highest rating for impact-resistance, so if you see that the shingle has this rating, it indicates that they have passed the most stringent tests. To pass the Class 4 test, the shingles must withstand the force of 2.20-inch diameter steel balls. For the Class 3 impact rating, the second highest rating available, the shingles must resist damage from 1.75-inch steel balls. 

Now that you know what impact-resistant shingles are, let’s discuss the best options available on the market. 

GAF Timberline® AS II Shingles

Gaf timberline® as ii shingles

First on our list is GAF Timberline AS II shingles. GAF, a world renowned name in the roofing industry and the leading producer of asphalt shingles, created the Timberline AS II shingles with Class 4 impact-resistance to offer roofs a robust defense against hail storms, which are prevalent in certain regions of Georgia. These shingles incorporate a specialized SBS modified asphalt formula and have been rigorously tested to meet UL’s highest impact-resistance standard, the UL 2218.

Not only do they provide exceptional protection against hail damage, these shingles also come with other added benefits. They are made of two durable layers and come with a WindProven™ warranty to effectively shield your roof from strong winds. The shingles also resist the growth of blue-green algae. Homeowners will be eligible for other extended warranties if they also install qualifying GAF accessories. 

Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration Storm®

Owens corning duration storm

From one industry leader to another, Owens Corning has been around for quite some time and their shingles have gained recognition within the roofing industry. 

TruDefinition Duration Storm impact-resistant shingles differentiate themselves from standard shingles by incorporating patented WeatherGuard® Technology. This unique technology includes an integrated polymeric backing material, allowing Duration Storm shingles to achieve an outstanding level of impact-resistance.

The durability of these impact-resistant shingles is enhanced by the superb manufacturing process of Owens Corning. The Duration Storm shingles also come with the company’s SureNail® technology, which gives them extra protection against wind uplift. 

Owens Corning TruDefinition® Duration Flex®

Owens corning duration flex

Our next impact-resistant shingle is also from Owens Corning. The Duration Flex is a top quality asphalt roofing shingle. Just like Duration Storm, this shingle has also passed UL 2218 and has a Class 4 impact-resistance rating.  

Duration Flex is meticulously crafted to safeguard your roof against varying seasonal challenges. It stands as the sole shingle on the market that combines the durability of SBS polymer modified asphalt with the exceptional grip of Owens Corning’s SureNail Technology. This distinctive fusion of flexibility and strength allows your roof to withstand almost any weather conditions with ease. 

To add to this, you are also eligible for a limited lifetime warranty if you hire an Owens Corning Preferred or Platinum Preferred contractor to install your shingles.  

CertainTeed Belmont® IR Shingles 

Certainteed belmont ir shingles

Next up is the incredible Belmont IR shingle range. This line of roof shingles has an exceptional look, mimicking natural slate shingles at a much lower cost. These shingles are an advancement of the highly popular Belmont shingle. The major difference between Belmont shingles and Belmont IR is the exceptional impact-resistance rating, which increases from Class 3 to Class 4. 

Built to withstand hail, storm debris, and other environmental challenges, these shingles provide a reliable defense for your home, ensuring your investment remains well protected.  

DaVinci Roof Shingles

Davinci roof shingles

Now let’s break away from traditional asphalt shingles and move towards something different. The next impact-resistant shingle on the list comes from DaVinci Roofscapes

DaVinci manufactures roof shingles that mimic the look of slate and wood shakes.

DaVinci roofing systems boast a distinctive composite construction that surpasses the performance of natural slate and cedar shake alternatives. Not only does it have a Class 4 impact rating, it also boasts of several other features too. With a remarkable Class A fire rating, and the ability to withstand winds of up to 110 mph, DaVinci roofs offer unparalleled durability and safety.

Malarkey Vista® Shingles

Malarkey vista shingles

The final name in our list are the Vista shingles from Malarkey. Standing out in the roofing industry, these shingles boast an impressive Class 4 impact rating, symbolizing their exceptional durability against severe weather elements.

What sets them apart is their unique granules, which are meticulously chosen to enhance the roof’s aesthetics while simultaneously contributing to environmental well being. These granules purify the air by filtering out emission pollutants, showcasing a thoughtful blend of functionality and an eco-conscious design.

For homeowners seeking both performance and sustainability, Vista shingles emerge as an exemplary choice, reflecting a harmonious fusion of style, durability, and environmental responsibility.

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In this blog post, we have gone over six of the best impact-resistant shingles that present unmatched resilience and durability. As a reputable roofing company committed to excellence, we stand ready to make your dream roof a reality with our shingle installation services in Northeastern Georgia. With our expertise and the finest Class 4 impact-rated shingles, your roof will not just shield your home but stand as a testament to enduring quality. Call us today at (706) 778-3516 to learn more. 

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