Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

Posted on September 5, 2022

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Can You Paint Asphalt Shingles?

Dull and damaged roofing shingles are not only an eyesore, but it also means that your home is vulnerable to leaks and other problems. So can you paint asphalt shingles to solve these issues? The answer is no, and many roofing pros suggest the same.

While painting may seem feasible at that time, it can cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t know that. So to help, our roofing specialists are here with the answers. This article explains how paint can harm your shingles and budget.

Here’s Why Painting Asphalt Shingles Is Harmful

Homeowners may feel that paint can give the shingles a new and better appearance, and even save the cost of repairs, but this isn’t the case. The market may have special shingle paints, but the results are similar.

paint roof shingles

Paint Cannot Cover The Damage

The problem with painting the shingles is that you are essentially covering up the parts of your roof that require repair. Paints and stains won’t have the ability to seal the cracks and cuts permanently.

Painting The Shingles Can Cause More Harm

Paints will naturally alter the surface of shingles which can lead to more damage. The top layer of shingles is made of mineral granules that may look like sand. This layer protects the shingles from UV damage and gives them a natural color.

Painting the shingles will cover this protective layer if it is still there. Whether you use a spray can or brush, the paint will render this mineral layer ineffective and eventually cause the granules to come off. After that, shingles will become very thin, and moisture can easily get behind them. When it rains, water can also seep through the layer leading to mold, algae, rot, and leaks.

Paint Can Start Peeling Soon

Paints usually last for 5-6 years with proper maintenance, but the paint may chip off even sooner if you live in an area that receives excessive rainfall, snow, or sunshine. This means you will have to repaint your shingles frequently, which is neither economical nor satisfying. You wouldn’t want to go through so much trouble just to give the shingles a colored but uneven appearance.

Painting May Become An Expensive Choice In The Long Run

Homeowners also ask us if they can paint asphalt shingles after cleaning algae and mold. The answer is that roofing professionals can clean your roof correctly, but first, you must learn about the condition of your roof. Mold and algae develop due to severe water damage, and this could mean your attic and roof deck are compromised too.

Cleaning the roof without inspecting it will not be helpful in this scenario. Painting over a damaged roof may lead to unforeseen failure in the coming years or months. It can even jeopardize your family’s safety and wreck your home’s interiors and belongings. Repainting shingles may also void the manufacturer’s warranty and can hinder your insurance claim, so you would have to pay every expense from your pocket.

We believe you now have a good idea why the experts advise against shingle paint. Not only asphalt, but paint isn’t ideal for wood shingles either. Rather than painting the shingles, you should choose a more economical, long-lasting, and appealing solution.

The Right Course Of Action

The most helpful resolution is to get a professional roof inspection before taking action. Experienced roof inspectors can tell you the exact condition of your roof. Once you know how many shingles need repairing or replacement, things will be much simpler. New shingles and asphalt roofs will last for decades, whereas painted shingles will stay strong for only a few years. You can also read our blog, which explains the lifespan of asphalt roofs.

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