The Best Metal Roof Styles For Your Home

Posted on December 5, 2022

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The Best Metal Roof Styles For Your Home

Are you exploring different metal roof styles for your home? We suggest you research as many styles as possible. That’s because a metal roof can ensure maximum safety and comfort inside your home, especially if you live in the United States. Our nation has breathtaking landscapes but is also prone to extreme weather conditions.

At Division Kangaroof, we help homeowners learn more about their roofing options. This way, you can understand how to begin with your home repairs and remodeling projects. So before you shop around or contact a metal roofing contractor, read on to learn about the most popular styles of metal roofs people protect their homes with.

This blog post will give you an idea of various metal roof styles, which one you would prefer, and the features that suit your local weather conditions.

Let’s start by learning the story of the initial metal roofing styles.

History Of Metal Roofs & Their Styles

The history of metal roofs dates back to ancient times when civilizations such as the Romans and Greeks used copper and lead to create durable and long-lasting roofs. Metal roofs have continued to evolve over the centuries, with the development of new materials such as steel and aluminum.

  • It all started when the middle-eastern mansions and palaces used heavy sheets and created architectural details by carving and scrubbing the metals. These expensive features gave a luxurious and unique look to their roofs.
  • Quickly, the residential and commercial world also adopted this roofing method. They created more affordable styles that were easy to install and looked very pleasing to the eye.

Today, metal roofing panels and sheets are a popular choice for homes as well as commercial properties due to their durability, energy efficiency, elegant design, and low maintenance.

How Metal Roofs Can Benefit You

When you go to sleep and wake up in the morning, you want to be under a sturdy roof that doesn’t allow cold drafts or leaks to occur inside your home. Tiny issues lead to significant repairs when they go unnoticed. Other times, they may stress you out in the middle of the night. To avoid such consequences (common with shingle roofs), you can choose the best type of metal roof according to your budget and taste.

  • One of the main benefits of metal roofs is their longevity. Most metal roof styles can last up to 50 years or longer, making them a cost-effective option in the long run.
  • They are also resistant to weather-related damage, such as hail and high winds, and are fire-resistant, making them a safe choice for any property.
  • In addition to these perks, metal roofs are also energy efficient. They reflect sunlight, which can help reduce cooling costs in the summer, and they retain heat in the winter, which can lead to lower heating costs.

Here are some of the most popular metal roof styles to check out. We’ve selected these styles based on their benefits and popularity.

Most Appealing And Useful Metal Roof Styles For Homes

From Spanish to colonial styles and standing seam panels, you have lots of beautiful and sturdy roofing styles to choose from when it comes to metal roofing. An experienced and reliable local roofing contractor can take you through all the options suitable for your home.

Check out the top five metal roof styles, along with their pros and cons for homes in the United States.

#1 Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Standing seam metal roofs

Standing seams roofs are usually made of galvanized steel or aluminum that lasts up to 50 years, and with copper panels, your roof can stay strong and beautiful for a lifetime! Standing seam panels have raised seams that run vertically along the roof and have a hidden fastening system. The panels are built by folding the metal over itself, which results in a strong, watertight joint. Standing seam is currently the most popular metal roofing style in the states.


What people like most about a standing seam roof is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and its smooth surface that’s easy to paint. The straight, hidden seams allow for smooth water runoff, preventing leaks and rust and protecting your home for ages. The roof can also withstand seasonal storms, which is ideal for homes in tornado alleys and coastal regions. Standing seam metal roofs add a modern and sleek look to a home. The straight panels also allow other features of your home to stand out and add to the overall curb appeal of your home.


Standing seam metal roofs cost more than shingles and corrugated metal roofs. But it can eventually save you money, as standing seam roofs tend to last around 50 years and are incredibly energy efficient.

Another concern is that thin panels can make the roof noisy during rain or hail storms. But most homeowners mitigate it by choosing adequate panel thickness and adding insulation between the metal and the wood.

Overall, standing seam metal roofing is a durable and elegant option for homeowners looking for a sturdy roofing system that can stay strong for decades.

#2 Corrugated Style

Corrugated style
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In corrugated metal roofing styles, there’s a wavy panel profile, which provides added strength and durability. The W or U-shape pattern is highly resistant to wind damage, so it’s another popular option for people looking for a sturdy roofing system for their residential and commercial spaces.


One of the main features of this style is its low cost. Installation of a corrugated metal roof is generally cheaper than other types of metal roof styles, making it a good choice for homeowners on a budget. The panels are also lightweight and easy to install, so corrugated roofs are best for homes in mild or windy climates.

Corrugated panels are installed using screws and nails, adding a rustic and industrial look to the space, so you can use this affordable system to cover your shed, cabin, office, garage, or similar areas. Corrugated roofs are available in numerous colors and finishes, allowing you to choose a style that matches your home’s color.


The corrugated metal roofing styles are not without their drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages is its susceptibility to water damage. Corrugated roofing systems are also less effective at shedding water than standing seams. Water and snow can accumulate at the corrugations (grooves), which is never good for a roof. This eventually leads to roof leaks and causes the fasteners to rust and deteriorate, weakening the roof’s stability.

Finally, corrugated metal roofing styles are feasible for homeowners who want to cover the small parts of their homes in a stylish way within a budget.

#3 Spanish Style Metal Roofing

Spanish style metal roofing

Also known as Mission roofs, Spanish-style roofs are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of Mediterranean charm to their homes. These roofs are characterized by their distinctive red color and terracotta tiles with a curved, eye-catching shape. Many parts of the world now use metal tiles to create this attractive tile look.


A Spanish style metal roofing system can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal. These roofs are often used on homes with stucco or brick exteriors, and they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any house, villa, holiday home, and more. Additionally, the bright red color of these roofs can make your home stand out in the neighborhood, helping you make a personal statement.

In addition to stucco and brick exteriors, Spanish-style metal roofs can also look great with other types of siding, such as wood, vinyl, and fiber cement. These roofs are often used on homes with a Mediterranean or Southwest style, so it’s best to choose exterior materials and colors that complement the overall roof design. Some options include natural wood siding, stone veneer, or earth tones such as beige or terracotta.


Spanish style metal roofing generally cost more than standing seam and corrugated styles. Installing this metal roof style can be more complex and time-consuming as it requires installing small, individual tiles. This needs special skills, tools, and hefty experience, so it’s crucial to hire a reputed roofing contractor who has been working in your area for a long time.

Ultimately, a Spanish metal roof style is a wonderful choice for homeowners who want to add character and charm to their home’s exterior. Whether you have a traditional stucco home or a more modern property, these roofs can add a touch of earthy flair and enhance the overall appeal and value of your home or accommodation.

#4 Barn Style Metal Roof

Barn style metal roof

Most barns in the states have a gambrel roof with two slopes. Originally, barn roofs were made of wood shingles and corrugated steel panels. Today, there are several new styles to create a barn-style roof.

Popular Use

Modern barn style metal roofs are typically made from corrugated or standing seam panels, with a slight overlap between each panel. This is usually a gambrel roof design, which gives it the ‘barn look’ that is both attractive and functional.

This metal roof style is popular in countryside barns and Dutch-style colonial houses. You can use this design to cover your barn, cottage, home, garage, or shed. These are particularly popular in U.S. homes with rustic or rural aesthetics, as they can help to create a cohesive look that blends in seamlessly with the natural landscape.


Barn style metal roofs create a traditional look for a house or any other property for that matter. The design comes with the boosted benefits of the metal you choose. A gambrel structure provides more headroom on the upper level of the building, leaving more space for storage or an extra living area. The flatter upper slope of the roof allows wind to pass over the building more efficiently, providing better wind resistance.


Barn-style roofs are more complex to install than other types of roofs, requiring more labor and materials. The upper roof slope can be susceptible to heavy snow loads and leaks due to melting snow or ice, but the lower slope has a steep incline for proper rainwater runoff.

Overall, a gambrel roof can be a good choice for a house or other place that needs additional storage or living space. If you like this metal roof style, you can find it in various types of panels, pitches, and colors. You can also opt for additional features, such as snow guards, to further enhance the roof.

#5 Shingle Style Metal Roofing

Shingle style metal roofing

Metals can also create the look and feel of natural shingles but with the resistance, durability, and versatility of metal. In shingle style metal roofing, the sheets and panels of steel or aluminum create the look of traditional roofing shingles like wood and slate shingles. They are given proper shape and tiny details on their surface, which resemble cut pieces of wood or slate.

Metal Slate Shingles

Metal slate shingles

Natural slate shingles or tiles can be costly for homeowners. If you’re looking for a classic estate look, metal slate shingles are your answer. These are designed to look like real slate shingles and tile, but offer added benefits like energy efficiency and an excellent surface for painting.

Metal Wood Shake Shingles

Metal wood shake shingles
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You can get the rustic look of a wood-shake roof without any of the problems associated with natural wood. These metal sheets or panels are cut and painted to look like traditional wood shakes and shingles, but they are free from rot, leaks, rust, mold, and algae. They are also lighter than bricks or tiles, so they are easy to move around during a roof installation or replacement project. You can get metal shingles in different finishes, like natural cedar-like grain, which is textured and looks precisely like cedarwood shakes.

Shingle style metal roofing systems have become more popular among homeowners who want a durable and sturdy alternative to asphalt shingles, or want a luxurious pattern without breaking the bank.

If you live in Gainesville, Georgia, we can help you choose the right type of metal roof style for your home, barn, building, or any other establishment.

Looking For A New Metal Roof That Fits Best?

Division Kangaroof is one of the most trusted roofing companies in Georgia. We provide metal roof installation services in Gainesville and surrounding areas. With years of experience and a skilled team, we have gained a high reputation and trust in the community. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to help you choose the best metal roof style for your budget and exterior aesthetics.

If you want to discuss your metal roofing project with us, call (706)-778-3516. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation and estimate.

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