December 5, 2022
Are you exploring different metal roof styles for your home? We suggest you research as many styles as possible. That’s because a metal roof can ensure maximum safety and comfort inside your home, especially if you live in the United States. Our nation has breathtaking landscapes but is also prone to extreme weather conditions. At […]
November 22, 2022
Rafters and trusses are both commonly used in residential and commercial buildings for the construction of roofs, but they differ significantly in their design and functions. At Division Kangaroof, we are here to make sure homeowners know what is required of their homes to help them make more informed decisions. In this article, we simply […]
November 15, 2022
When you’re getting a new roof, you want to make sure that you’re paying an honest price. Roof replacement costs can begin at around $6,000 and exceed $30,000 for some homes. Most homeowners spend between $12,000 to $15,000, but the cost to replace a roof varies from home to home. This article will help you […]
November 1, 2022
The roof pitch is often mistaken for the roof slope, but the distinction is important, especially if you are a homeowner or someone looking for a roof replacement project. The roof pitch isn’t just an aesthetic feature. It affects your home, its renovation scope, and your budget to a great extent. At Division Kangaroof, we […]
October 17, 2022
Are you planning to have a new roof installed on your home? It’s a lifetime investment for any homeowner and involves critical decision-making. You may know there are three primary roofing layers: sheathing, underlayment, and roof covering. In this article, we will go over the best roofing underlayments for all residential roofing systems– shingle, metal, […]
October 3, 2022
What kind of roof vents does your house need? You may have heard that roof vents are essential to your home. But do you know why and how the vents work? To choose the right kind of roof vents, it’s necessary to understand different vents and how they function together to keep your home well-ventilated. […]
September 19, 2022
On average, most people in the US pay up to $1000 for roof repairs. However, no one can tell how much you’ll be spending without looking at the damage. Your roof repair cost in Georgia can be anywhere from $150 to $15000. The expense depends on two details: how bad the damage is and the […]
September 12, 2022
Are you wondering if it’s the right time to replace a roof? Unfortunately, there’s no one-word answer to this question. When your roof is old and needs frequent repairs, it’s wise to replace it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may suffer unexpected roof failures, which can be destructive. You can also read our blog […]
August 8, 2022
Learning about the parts of a roof is critical for every homeowner. Sloped roofs have a complicated structure that plays a significant role in keeping your home safe, comfortable, energy-efficient, and beautiful for years to come. You must understand every roof component closely if you are: This is a detailed article on primary roofing layers […]
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